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Colorful buildings in Sighisoara, Romania

Colorful buildings in Sighisoara, Romania

Colorful buildings in Sighisoara, Romania

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  1. Sandipan says:

    It hard to believe that these are real houses. Great Shot though..

  2. Really great shot… the colours!

    Haven’t been yet, but sounds like a place people love to visit according to the comments.

  3. Wopnderful! I am so happy because I will be there in a couple of weeks and see it for myself. Have you ever seen the painted buildings in Tirana, Albania? After communist time was over they were left with all these dismal depressing apartment buildings. The mayor of Tirana, an artist, got out the paint buckets and you can’t believe what it did for the town!

  4. What a amazing idea to live colorful life. I will share this pic with my all friends and tell to them how we can spend life with joy.

  5. Tom says:

    We LOVE Sighisoara! A beautiful little town in an even more beautiful part of Trannsylvania. Up the hill, near the church, there is a fascinating cemetery. I’d go back to Trannsylvania in a heartbeat!

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