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Daily Travel Photo – Nara, Japan

Couple walking in park, Nara, Japan

Couple walking in park, Nara, Japan

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. In addition to the couple walking hand-in-hand, you can also find the oldest wooden structure in the world in Nara. The combo is too romantic!

  2. We’ve lived six years in Japan and I know precisely where this picture was taken. Even more remarkably, the couple are walking side by side … very unusual for the older Japanese generation. This demonstrates a very strong sense of respect that he has for her. Beautiful picture!

    • Gary says:

      Actually, the couple wasn’t Japanese :) If I remember, I think they were Indian. If you look really close at the man’s head, he is wearing a turban.

  3. That is a very beautiful photograph. the area reminds me of parts of Massachusetts in the fall. I never really thought of Japan looking like that.

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