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Daily Travel Photo – Yakushima, Japan

Cedar forest in the mist, Yakushima, Japan

Cedar forest in the mist, Yakushima, Japan

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  1. I have a Coin Set someone gave me entitled “World Natural Heritage Coin Set but can find nothing on this set. It was in a cover with part of a tree trunk and on the back was a map of the Yakushima, Japan, I’m guessing. On that cover was a sticker price tag listed at $33.95. It consists of 6 coins with Japanese writing which I can’t decipher, but the numbers on five of the coins were 1, 10, 50, 100 & 500. The sixth coin had no number on it but had a small hole in the middle as did the 50 coin. The coins were eveloped in a beautiful 3-fold hard paper encasement. There were beautiful pictures, I’m assuming, of the Yukashima area.
    Can you give me some information as to its worth today? The coins are mint condition and the case has not been disturbed as well as the cover. If you or if you know of someone who would be interested in purchasing this set, I would be happy to sell the set. But I would like to have a good price for it. It was a little difficult getting the set in the first place. Thanks for any help you can give.

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