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Daily Travel Photo – Rome, Italy

Fountain and Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Fountain and Pantheon, Rome, Italy

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  1. @pompoB says:

    I thought in the beginning (when I first started following u) that you did take and upload pics of places where you are at the moment instead or randomly past shots, and I STILL think (if technically possible) that it would with no doubts, set the quality and interestingness of your trips even to higher standards :) What about the iPhone ?

    • Gary says:

      iPhone photos are nowhere near the quality where I could display them like this. Also, I don’t travel fast enough to put up photo I took within a few days of taking them. For the last month I’d have been posting photos from Wisconsin, which probably isn’t has interesting as the rest of the world.

  2. Nabeel says:

    That’s cool, I like your photos

  3. Nabeel says:

    You take these photos in your travel and post it later randomly. Is it like this? because one day you post a photo from Rome and other day from Vietnam…

  4. Olya says:

    Can’t wait to go there some day! :)

  5. Liv says:

    Che bella la foto! Rome makes me nostalgic for my childhood, when I would visit my grandparents. Even as a tired kid the stone fountains enthralled me. Great shot.

  6. Chris says:

    Went there in high school. i LOVE Rome!

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