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Resting my feet in a hot spring in Kirishima, Japan

My feet in a hot spring. Kirishima, Japan.

My feet in a hot spring. Kirishima, Japan.

The area around Kirishima, Japan in Kagoshima prefecture is geothermally active. Many of the hotels in the area and you can see many rocks and signs along the road covered in sulfur from the steam vents. This pool I found in the middle of the woods off of a path in the forest. I was able to rest my feet in the spring which was the temperature of a hot bath.

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  1. Flüge says:

    Wonderful Pic!!! But I think, the best place with geothermal vents is Budapest .

  2. DrManette says:

    And the feet don't look so bad neither >.>

    But seriously, geothermal vents are always really cool.

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