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The inside of a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan

Me in a capsule hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Me in a capsule hotel, Tokyo, Japan

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  1. Paula says:

    So that’s a capsule hotel? Looks cool

  2. belena says:

    It looks quite comfortable and it reminds me of sleeping on a berth in a ship's cabin. I have read about these capsules and often wondered what they are like.

  3. Djibs says:

    Hi !

    You don't have to be claustrophobic to sleep in capsule hotels!!!

    I think i would not feel at ease in such a small place!

  4. Tin Can says:

    I saw these little capsule hotels on tv when I was a kid and I thought there were a hoax. How funny, they are real.

    Were you able to sit up in it?

  5. Gary Arndt says:

    Yeah, I've been through Malaysia already.

  6. kbguy says:

    i always wish to travel to some part of the world. But never have time to do it. Love what you are doing. Hei, drop by Malaysia. U seems to be around already.

  7. mattresses says:

    nice, spacious, i like it

  8. MikeC says:

    Man… These hotels look so interesting. I do wish to try to live in a small area like that for a night. I might go crazy after three days though.

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