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Daily Travel Photo – Majuro, Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands Post Office

Marshall Islands Post Office

Fun Fact: The Marshall Islands are part of the domestic US Postal system. The mail can be sent to and from the Marshalls and the US with domestic rates, they have a US Zip Code (96960) and a state code (MH). There was a giant scandal a few years ago when the US Post Office tried to treat the Marshalls as a foreign country for postal purposes.

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  1. Craig says:

    Not Really. While mail from the US to the Marshall Islands is charged at the domestic rate, the Marshall Islands Postal Service is completely independent from the USPS. Try using your American stamps over there, or your Marshall Islands stamps in the US and see what happens!

  2. Jagad Guru says:

    Yeah it's nice, you can also send mail to Puerto Rico and the US VI at domestic rate, but I didn't know the Marshall Islands were included as well.

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