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Daily Travel Photo – New South Wales, Australia


This is waterfall in the Blue Mountains National Park. I took this in a cable car that was crossing the gorge. I literally wrapped my camera around my hand with the neck strap and stuck it out the window.

Waterfall in Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australia

Waterfall in Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australia

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  1. corene says:

    Wow! Amazing shot.

  2. Wow! I plan to go to Blue Mountain sometimes soon, and this picture is really a teaser! I try to get the sense whether I should do a day trip to it, stay a night there, or longer. What do you think?

    • Gary says:

      If you are coming from Sydney, I’d make a night out of it. There is a hostel in Katoomba and the train ride isn’t that bad.

    • Meliha says:

      I took a 3 day trip to BM from Sydney in Jan of this year. FWIW…it was picturesque, but after being there, I personally recommend to others to plan for not more than one or two activity-filled days (unless the laid-back, slow atmosphere of the small towns around Blue Mountains is preferred).
      If you go to my site, you’ll find the link for a guest post I did (for another site) on the topic of Scenic World Blue Mountains. You might want to check that out…

  3. I love going on cable cars – but I don’t think I’ve ever been on any that had quite such an amazing view as this! Truly breathtaking.

    I’ve been on cable cars in Switzerland, France and Japan, (or, as they call them there, “ropeway”). One of the best things of this type that I went on was a chairlift in Switzerland – literally like two chairs on a pole. Brilliant.

  4. Curtis says:

    How gorgeous! That’s pretty brave to hang your camera over the edge like that – but amazing photograph!

  5. Gary says:

    I usually take a photo of the sign when I see something so I can remember it later on. There was no sign for this one (at least when I took the photo)

  6. Erik Smith says:

    I think this waterfall is called Wentworth Falls- I was there too!

  7. Nomadic Matt says:

    I feel like you are moving pretty quickly through australia. You were just in queensland…now tassie… slow down! there’s so much to see there! are you doing the west coast of australia? its amazing….take ur time there…especially in coral bay!! i think the whale sharks are migrating this time of year…

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