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Daily Travel Photo – Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Fallen Moai statue, Easter Island

Fallen Moai statue, Easter Island

In the foreground is an horizontal maoi statue. It is believed that it was abandoned where it sits while it was in transport to a platform (ahu). In the background is Rano Raraku. This volcanic crater is where almost all the maoi of the island were quarried. The stone in the crater is a lighter tuff than the basalt found on most of the island. Most intact maoi are found in the quarry.

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  1. Melissa Fuller says:

    Gary! Saw your blurb about your exploits in Mac Today; sounds awesome but Jim’s first question was “North Korea?” Anyway, dial-up access in Addis Ababa maxes out at 28 kbps so it will take me some time to read about the trip to date. Any chance you’ll be hitting Africa this year? We’re in Ethiopia until this summer…Drop me a line when you get a chance: Stay safe, Melissa

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