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The Ecology of Urban Hong Kong

Hong Kong is to small businesses as the rainforest is to plants. I think that analogy not only captures the idea that economic and regulatory conditions in Hong Kong are favorable to business, but it also captures a very real sense of how and where businesses spring up. They pop up like plants wherever conditions […]

Daily Travel Photo – Savai’i, Samoa

Cape Mulinuu is considered the western most spot on the Earth. For a long time I wondered why this point was the westernmost. There are bits of land which cross the 180 degree longitude line. There are part of Alaska which are farther west which do not cross the International Date Line. I eventually discovered […]

No, Its not Bhutan, Brundi, or Bahrain. It’s BRUNEI

Still in Brunei. The internet here seems…..slow. Perhaps I got spoiled in East Asia. There are two internet cafes I’ve found, both of which take like a minute to pull up Gmail. I don’t foresee uploading photos until I can get a faster connection. I’ve also developed diarrhea and a rash on the bottom of […]

Travelers Love Lists

The question I’ve been surprised I haven’t gotten more often is “why do you list Hawaii as a country on your list of places?” Hawaii clearly is as much a country as Kansas, so it would seem odd to list it separately as a “country”. Moreover, I have Okinawa listed separately, which is also not […]

First Impressions of Brunei

Map of Brunei I just arrived in Brunei. No internet at my hotel, but there is an internet cafe in the building. The kids here are like the ones I’ve seen everywhere: playing Warcraft, listening to music and reading celebrity gossip. Here are my first thoughts: The female flight attendants on my flight didn’t wear […]

Daily Travel Photo – Baguio, Philippines

Jeepneys are the quintessential form of transportation in the Philippines. This is the most awesome one I saw when I was there. Please take special note of the monster truck morphing into a flaming cheetah on the side.

Daily Travel Photo – Korror, Palau

This is a manta ray I saw diving in Palau. I don’t claim to be the greatest underwater photographer. This was taken with a simple point and shoot camera I rented for the day. Manta rays, despite looking scary, are filter feeders and are harmless.

Last Day in Hong Kong (for real this time)

I got my tickets and everything is booked. Tomorrow evening I’ll be flying Royal Brunei Airlines to Bandar Darussalam and I’ll finally be out of Hong Kong. I’ve stayed here waaaay longer than I ever anticipated. Granted, I got a lot done and I probably needed to stay put for a few weeks, but I’m […]

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