Everytime I try to get out, they just keep pulling me back in

Not only am I still in Hong Kong, but I’m going to be here over Christmas.

Macau is booked solid. At least all the cheap places are. My lack of planning around Christmas is really the proximate problem here.

The place I’m staying in HK I had to check out today and I packed up and went to drop off the key. I had asked them earlier if I could stay a bit longer, but they said they were full. When I checked out and produced my receipts to get my key deposit, he realized I was a good customer, didn’t cause problems, and “suddenly” a room appeared. In fact, my very same room appeared. Cash does that I guess.

So the plan now is on the 24 and 25 I’ll just take day trips into Macau on the jet boat. Macau is a small place so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal. The plan then is to get a flight to Borneo on the 26th. I just need to decide on flying into Kota Kinablau or Brunei. That should be my last big long flight for quite a while.

Yesterday I tried to find the bird market and instead found the kitchen and bath tile market. I think all the bird markets have been shut down due to the bird flu. Strike one.

Then I went to the Todai Seafood Buffet. They had one in Honolulu I frequented so I thought I’d check the one in Hong Kong out. Turns out it is a 90 minute wait if you don’t have a reservation. Strike two.

Then I crossed the harbor to get to the top of Victoria Peak at night to take some night time shots of the skyline. The fog was so thick you couldn’t see a single light on any building. Strike three.

Well, its not the plan I wanted, but at least I have a plan now and an exit strategy from Hong Kong.