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Final Thoughts on Palau

Boating about the rock islands Palau Rocks. Pun intended. I’m not sure why Palau works, but it does. If you look at other Pacific nations with similar populations, they are pretty much basket cases politically and economically. Palau has managed to create a country with a standard of living higher than its neighbors (save for […]


Most of the postcards have been sent. Don’t expect any personal greetings on the back. I had way too many to send to do that. Writing addresses took long enough. When I got my tattoo in Rarotonga, I was given a piece of paper with the names of the symbols and what they meant. I […]

Micronesian Military

Some of the Micronesian fallen I want to post this before I leave Micronesia and forget about it. While walking through the Guam airport I was struck by a large sign that listed the Micronesian servicemen and women who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. I knew that Guam and CNMI had soldiers in the US […]

Majuro Recap

Majuro is pretty much 30 miles of this one road… Where to begin about the Marshalls??? For starters, I didn’t explore Majuro as much as I did other cities I’ve visited. I put 20% of the blame myself spending too much time catching up on photos and blog posts and 80% of the blame on […]

Big Rock Candy Island

I’m not going to say too much because I want to save it for a much longer post with photos and video. I got to go diving in the rock islands of Palau today as well as snorkeling in the jellyfish lake. Swimming with jellyfish is a surreal experience. Especially thousands of them. It is […]


The internet here is like the opposite of the Majuro. In Majuro, the infrastructure on the island was horrible, but the actually connection to the net was OK assuming you could get one. On Palau, there are internet cafes all over, but it feels as if the whole country is on the same dial-up connection. […]

Palau 96940

I’m typing this at the Palau verision of the Peach Pit, across the street from Palau High (Go Palau Spiders!) For the third smallest country in the UN, Palau really has its act together. It is a smashingly beautiful place. It is clean. It is reasonably developed. They seem to realize where their bread is […]

Six Month Anniversary

On Pohnpei, I at lunch on an uninhabited island in the lagoon. I had a warm bento lunch packed in banana leaf. This is my life… It has been six months to the day that I closed on my house and became a homeless wanderer. Since then I estimate, with the help of Google Earth, […]

Bungle in the Jungle: Finale

Read Parts One and Two Sunday, July 29 On Sunday, I asked if there were any trails I could take to go see the cliffs. I think they were confused why I would want to go there, but they obliged. We took off across the lake again to go to the village. The same one […]

First Impressions of Palau

This is probably one of the nicest places in the Pacific. Save for Guam, easily the most developed country in Micronesia. Night and day compared to Majuro. People here have houses not shanties. There is furniture in the houses. I could tell because they had electricity, which also says something There are businesses and shops […]

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