Six Month Anniversary

It has been six months to the day that I closed on my house and became a homeless wanderer.

Since then I estimate, with the help of Google Earth, that I have traveled 42,000 miles and have visited 20 “countries” (See the link on the country list to the left for the definition of country I use). I have traveled on ten airlines, met hundreds of people from dozens of countries….and was kicked out of the nation of Kiribati (NEVER FORGET!)

In that time, I haven’t slept in the same bed more for than two weeks. The act of going to new places, sleeping in strange beds and meeting new people has become second nature to me.

Through this website I’ve been able to meet a ton of new people and reconnect with many people I’ve lost touch with over the years. While traveling you also get a good idea who your friends really are. Some people keep in touch with you on a regular basis and others sort of forget you exist.

Having taken me half a year to cross the ocean, I hope everyone keeps reading as I invade Asia the next several months. I do enjoy knowing that people are reading and following along with where I’m going. I also think I’m getting better at posting. I certainly think my more recent stuff is better than early stuff I look back at now.

My route for the next few months will be sort of convoluted as I skirt the edge of the Asian mainland and work my way down to Borneo and the Indonesian archipelago to Australia. I’ll be in Australia for their summer, probably spending four weeks there before heading back north through PNG to Singapore and SE Asia and eventually China. I’m so used to navigating between dots on a map and around flight schedules I don’t know what to do once I hit a large two dimensional area…

So thanks for reading, tell your friends, and feel free to offer me suggestions now that I’m going to the part of the world that you’ve heard of, and may have been to, before.

…oh, don’t forget the free postcard offer! Limited time only!! One of the smallest countries in the world!!

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  1. Holy crap — 6 months! Where does time go. I hope it feels like a lot more time to you than it does on this end….

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