Big Rock Candy Island

I’m not going to say too much because I want to save it for a much longer post with photos and video. I got to go diving in the rock islands of Palau today as well as snorkeling in the jellyfish lake. Swimming with jellyfish is a surreal experience. Especially thousands of them. It is easily one of my top experiences on this trip.

I should have several minutes of video of the jellyfish. I rented an underwater camera for the day and got my use out of it. I’m also going to be diving tomorrow and using enriched oxygen (Nitrox) for the first time. I’m should have my Nitrox certification as of tomorrow.

I did get to talk to the commanding officer of the US Naval mission to Palau (yes there is one). It is a group of Seabees who just do construction projects on the island and train Palauans to build things. I met a similar group from the Army Corps of Engineers on Majuro who was building a basketball court and fixing up an elementary school. I think the guys assigned to Palau have the #1 assignment of any branch of any military in the world.

I’ve been swimming all day and I’m tired and it’s raining.

Diving is the best way to meet smart, interesting women.

Oh, being a few feet from a giant manta ray kicks ass…