My visit to Yakushima was an amazing experience. The forests there are ancient Japanese cedar forests and were used as the inspiration for the movie Princess Mononoke. One of the days I spent in the forest I was in the clouds the entire time. It was a very surreal experience.

I took a lot of photos and wasn’t really sure how I should go about writing a blog post about it. There wasn’t really anything I could write that would really convey what it was like. Writing about my day and my time on the island isn’t really as interesting as what I saw.

I decided to do something very different.

Here is what I’ve spent the better part of the last 24 hours working on. It is sort of an experiment, but I think it will do a better job of explaining what it was like than my words ever would.

I hope you like it….

7 thoughts on “Yakushima”

  1. Beautiful. What a wonderful start to my morning. I love the music. Great job, Gary, you really captured the feel.

  2. Yakushima is so magical. My favorite is the one where the light is headed straight to the camera, parallel to the black rocks on the ground. Any fun geology thoughts on your hike?

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