Alive at Ground Zero

I’m well in Hiroshima.

First, I’m finally around other tourists. Tons in Hiroshima especially around the Peace Park. Second, I get off the train, start looking at bus routes and a Japanese woman comes up to me and says in English “are you lost?” So much for people not speaking English. They also have electronics stores here which I haven’t seen in Japan so far….and 7-11s.

The bullet train did indeed live up to its reputation for being fast and reliable. I had to take a non-bullet train for a stretch of the journey because there was no track laid yet. that Stretch was about 1/3 the distance but took 1/2 the time. Maybe more.

The Japanese countryside is very dreary. Same small houses for as far as the eye could see. Every river and stream in the country seems to have its banks covered in concrete.

I also managed to buy the new Mac OS here and install it. I was worried about the language, but it wasn’t an issue.

I have wireless here, so expect more photos and updates the next few days.