Twisted in Phuket

I’m in Phuket for another day (maybe two) because I twisted my ankle yesterday. Its really swollen, but I don’t think any serious damage was done. I can put pressure on it and even stand on one foot without pain. I’m limping much faster than I did even earlier this morning. I just can’t flex it, and that is mainly due to the swelling.

I have no desire to walk around with my backpack with the ankle like this, so I’m just going to sit in Phuket a bit longer. It’s raining here, so there isn’t really much to do.
I sat on a couch today with my foot up watching pirated DVDs and processing my photos from Malaysia.

The best part of twisting my ankle, was that I did it in front of a message parlor in Patong. It was raining and I stepped off a curb onto the street and didn’t see how deep it was because of the water. I went down and the dozen or so girls in front of the massage parlor all had a good laugh at my expense.

I did complete my Rescue Diver certification with out any further puking, so I got that going for me. If you happen to stop breathing underwater while diving with me, I got you covered. Again, thanks to the crew at Sea Bees Phuket Diving.