The ankle is feeling better and I’m off to Bangkok in a few hours. It should be a big change from Phuket. I really have no desire to see many of the islands in the area around here, which is what most of the backpackers usually do. It has been raining (which sort of ruins a beach experience) and I’ve been to more islands than I can remember since I’ve started my trip. Other than slightly different erosional features in limestone, it doesn’t really interest me.

The Bloggers Choice Award, that I’ve had a link to on my site for months now, is nearing its final stage in 2008 voting. If you haven’t yet, take a few seconds to toss a vote my way. I’m currently #1, but the voting has been very close and the guy in #2 just gets the customers from his hostel to vote for him, not real readers of his website, so I’m going to have to work just a bit harder. I got a little under 300 votes right now, and I have almost 700 RSS readers, so if everyone who reads were to vote, I’d have this in the bag. So, just like in Old Chicago, vote early and often.

There is also another award I got nominated for, and you can see a link on the right hand side for that as well. is a women’s lifestyle site, but I guess they found some love in their heart for a guy like me. I just got nominated, but I’m climbing the charts quickly, and the gap can be closed quickly with some help. It does require registration to vote, but it only take a few seconds. I’d appreciate any support.

While I’m on the subject of contests, as you all know I take a lot of photos. The ones I put on for my daily photo vary in quality. Some are artistic, some are just interesting snapshots. I keep getting requests, and people keep suggesting I enter various photography contests. I have no problem doing something like that, but I really have no idea what photos I should enter. I have a bunch I like, but I really don’t know which are the ones that would do well. Has anyone had any experience with photo contests? Are there certain ones that are worth entering? I’d appreciate any feedback you have.

One final issue while I’m doing housekeeping…If you haven’t noticed, I’m now using a third party system for my comments: Disqus (pronounced “discuss”). It should look and feel just like the comments always have, except now you can reply directly to a previous comment, and you can follow comment across other blogs which also use Disqus. I’ve been running it a few days now and no one has noticed. You don’t have to do a thing, but if you comment on other sites, then you get some benefit to claiming your email so you can comment across other sites. Its very slick.