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Travel to MontrealThe city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, is a captivating mix of the old and the new. When you travel to Montreal, explore its stone-walled taverns and cobblestone streets. But there is also a vibrant nightlife in Montreal, fun festivals and an art scene like no other in Canada or North America.

Montreal is one of the most popular cities in Quebec. It is also the province’s most populous city with an estimated 4.1 million in population. The city got its name from Mount Royal, which is a triple-peaked hill located in the city. The city is also located within the island of the same name. The official language in Montreal, as with most of Canada is French. About 19% of the population does speak English, however.

Before the 1970s, Montreal was the commercial capital of Canada until it was surpassed by Toronto. However, Montreal remains an important hub for finance, technology, education, culture, design, commerce, film, world affairs and tourism. Travel to Montreal is no doubt popular especially after UNESCO cited it as a City of Design. It is also home to many international associations’ events, conferences, and festivals for many years and remain to be one of the top options for worldwide organizations.

Travel to Montreal

When you travel to Montreal, expect a humid continental climate. The summers are expected to be warm and sunny with an average daily temperature of 27 degree Celsius. The temperature can go up to 30 degree Celsius at most. During the winter, expect mild and cold winters to snowy and windy. In January to February, the temperature can range from -9 to -10.5 degree Celsius. When planning your travel to Montreal, expect drastic temperature changes during spring and fall.

Based on GDP, Montreal is the second largest economy in Canada. It is therefore evident in the booming number of businesses you will find when you travel to Montreal and a bustling metropolitan scene with beautiful works of architecture.

City of Design

Travel to Montreal

As mentioned earlier, UNESCO has named Montreal the City of Design. You will understand why as soon as you travel to Montreal – the architectural design is a mix of contemporary with a hint of old Europe. You can relish in the idea of taking photos of 18th century facades in the Old Montreal district. From the Canal de Lachine, to the Plateau Mont-Royal, the Stade Olympique, and the Basilique Notre Dame are just a few of the most notable architectural sights to explore when you travel to Montreal.

Festivals in Montreal

Travel to Montreal

Toronto has earned the name as Canada’s economic capital but the festival capital of Canada is definitely Montreal. The number of festivals is proof of the cultural juggernaut that is Montreal. In fact, there are more than 200 theaters and dance shows held each year. Various festivals are also held throughout various neighborhoods in Montreal, showcasing various works of art, music and literature.

Here are the top festivals to watch out for when you travel to Montreal:

  • Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (late June or early July)
  • Grand Prix du Canada (June)
  • Igloofest (mid-January to early February)
  • Montreal High Lights Festival (late February to early March)
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade (March)
  • Osheaga Festival (early August)
  • Canada Day Montreal (July)

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Travel to Montreal