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The Australian Capital Territory also referred to as ACT, is located in the southeastern part of Australia. It is an enclave that is geographically part of New South Wales. This is the territory of the seat of government in Australia. Travel to the Australian Capital Territory will offer plenty of sights and attractions despite the fact that the only city that makes up this territory is Canberra. It is also the capital of Australia.

The establishment of an Australian Capital Territory was formalized in the 19th century. The said enclave was allocated as the new seat of the Federal Government in the country during that time. The ACT has its own territorial emblem: the royal bluebell and gang-gang cockatoo.

Travel to the Australian Capital Territory is mostly limited to the city of Canberra and its surrounding community. There are four distinct seasons in the ACT, all of which present a wide range of activities to do and sights to explore. Geographically, the region is surrounded by the Great Dividing Range and the Australian Alps. It is also rich in natural beauty and resources; in fact, more than half of the territory consists of nature reserves and national parks.

Travel to Australian Capital Territory

The total population in the Australian Capital Territory is at 380,000. Meanwhile, the size of the territory itself is 2,400 square kilometers, which is small based on Australian standards. The Namadgi National Park consists of almost half of the land area. Therefore, tourists who travel to the Australian Capital Territory spend most of their time outdoors. There are walking trails in the national park to explore or have some picnic in the national park grounds. You can also explore the great swimming spots in the Murrumbidgee River. The river runs from the southeastern part to the northwestern part of the territory.

Another notable tourist attraction when you travel to the Australian Capital Territory is Tidbinbilla. This is also a nature reserve with its ranger-guided activities, walking trails, and an opportunity to see first-hand the conservation programs being done in this nature reserve to restore the threatened species. The highlight of your visit is the opportunity to see famous Australian animals living in their natural habitat.

Points of Interest

Travel to Australian Capital Territory

Below are some of the notable sights and attractions to explore when you travel to Australian Capital Territory:

Parliament House: The Parliament House is located in the Capital Hill wherein a four-legged flat mast sits atop the building. Therefore, it is hard to miss this famous landmark and is also one of the most popular buildings in Australia. The building took about 7 years to build and cost $1.1 billion dollars.

Travel to Australian Capital Territory

Australian War Memorial: When you travel to Australian Capital Territory, go to Canberra wherein you will find the territory’s most popular historical site: the Australian War Memorial. The site opened in 1941 and a world-class museum and shrine that pays tribute to the Australians who died during the war. The museum/shrine is open daily from 10AM to 5PM. The Anzac Parade, which is an annual festival commemorating the war and its victims, conclude in this shrine.

Floriade Festival: This is an annual festival in the ACT that commemorates flowers and fresh blooms! The festival usually takes place in mid-September or mid-October. Be in awe by the extensive and beautiful display of flowers in Canberra’s biggest festival.

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Travel to Australian Capital Territory