Travel to Arizona

Arizona is a southwestern state in the United States. Among the 50 states in the US, it ranks 5th in terms of size and 14th in terms of population. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and among the Four Corners states (the others are Utah, Colorado and New Mexico). Traveling to Arizona consists of visiting popular tourist attractions with the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley topping the list of must-visit tourist destinations.

Travel to Arizona

The desert climate and geographical feature of Arizona bring mild winters and warm summers to the state. But due to the difference in landscapes and altitudes, there are several individualized climactic conditions in and around Arizona. This also provides several beautiful natural outdoor landscapes that tourists covet when they travel to Arizona. The majority of Arizona is made up of deserts, canyons, and plateaus. As mentioned above, Grand Canyon is number one on the list of attractions in Arizona, which also mingles with the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon was designated as a national park by President Theodore Roosevelt.

The gross state product of Arizona is also larger than most other countries like Ireland, New Zealand and Finland. Its economy is also quite diverse but the sectors of transportation, health care, and government dominate the economy.

Currency: US Dollar

Official Language: English is the official language in Arizona.

Wi-Fi Availability: It is easy to find wireless hotspots when you travel to Arizona.

Travel to Arizona

Airport/s: The Phonenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and Tucson International Airport are the main international airports for travel to Arizona.

Visa Required: The same visa requirements for the US applies to those who wish to travel to Arizona.

International Driver’s License Accepted? You may use foreign-issued driver’s license to drive in Arizona provided that the license is printed in English.

Driving: In Arizona, you will be driving on the right-hand side of the road.

Crime: Over the past few years, there was a rise in gun violence in Arizona. But the general criminal activity in Arizona is non-threatening that tourists shouldn’t feel concerned for their safety. The safest cities in Arizona are Florence, Clifton, Fredonia, and Pima, to name a few.

Electrical Adapters: Arizona uses the same electrical voltage as the US, which is 120 volts at 50 Hertz.

Arizona National Parks Arizona has 22 national parks.

Trivia: DID YOU KNOW that cutting down an endangered species of cactus in Arizona can get you imprisoned for 1 year?

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Travel to Arizona