To the Bush!

I spent yesterday doing nothing. I saw Spiderman 3, purchased some random camera gear, got new razor blades, bought a new book to read, and had some sushi.

In about three hours I’ll be picking up my campervan which will be my home/vehicle for the next two weeks. My first stop will be Rotorua, which is know for its sulfur smell and its geothermal pools/spas. I should be there tonight and tomorrow. After that I’ll head to Tongariro National Parkand then the Capitol of Wellington to take the ferry over to the South Island.

Driving on the left should be an adventure in itself. Thankfully, I’ve been doing it the last week on a scooter, so it shouldn’t come as a shock. Expect a ton of photos as I hit the road. I expect to have good internet access while I’m out and about. Certainly better than I had in Rarotonga.