This Week in Travel – Episode 245

This week Jen Leo, Chris Christensen, and I are joined by this week’s guest Spud Hilton., former Travel editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.

We have a discussion of what happened in travel in 2018 and what we think might happen in 2019. We also talk about the travel newspaper section as we have talked with Spud pretty much his entire career as a travel editor.

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This Week’s News:

  • 9.4 Million Fliers Just Had Their Data Leaked
  • Marriott Data Breach
  • Woman delays flight to Cleveland after trying to travel with ’emotional support squirrel’
  • FAA directed to: define support animals, ban phone calls on planes, shut down PreCheck for anyone who didn’t get PreCheck.
  • Virgin Galactic closer to taking leisure passengers
  • Wildfires in the west becoming new norm; what’s it mean to travelers?

Travel in 2018 in Review – This Week in Travel #245 (Podcast) | Spud Hilton