This Week in Travel – Episode 140

This week I talk with my co-hosts Jen Leo and Chris Christensen without any guests.

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This Week’s News:

  • Amanda Bynes tries to board plane with “Google Me” as ID: Is this the new travel trend?
  • TSA Agent Confuses Pepper Spray With Laser Pointer, With Comic Results: Gothamist
  • TSA found a record 65 firearms in flyers’ carry-on bags last week
  • Richard Branson works as a “Non-Virgin” Flight Attendant
  • 2,300-year-old Mayan Temple in Belize Bulldozed to Make Gravel for Road
  • TSA Agents Find Yet Another ‘Sword Cane’
  • The Dirty Secret to Cutting Walt Disney World Lines

Picks of the week:

  • Gary –
  • Chris – Traveling Behind the Great Firewall of China
  • Jen – 5 Free Lonely Planet City Guides