The more things change

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I’m writing this a Panera Bread. I’m not here becasue they have free wireless (it’s down), but becasue they have chairs. I have wireless at my house, but I have no place to sit. I also have no television.

Its very interesting how my life has changed in the last few days with the simple elimination of furniture and television. I don’t watch a lot of television, but I do sit at my computer a lot. In fact, my desktop broke when I got back from Wisconsin about a week ago, and I’ve been on my laptop since then, and that has been a big change by itself.

I bring these things up only becasue they were small changes that had pretty big effects on my daily life. I’ve been spending more time out of the house because you can only sit on the floor for so long. I’ve been reading more books, because I don’t have access to the net most of the time when I’m out of the house.

Traveling will be a HUGE adjustment for me because I usually require constant stimulation. I read about 250 RSS posts a day on Google Reader. Being off line for such long stretches will be a big change. I’ll need to use my computer more as just a tool for video editing and writing rather than as a tool for communications. I’ll probably have to get my news from papers than from the web. I’m sure I’ll be totally out of the loop on most internet memes over the next two years. Someone will make a joke referencing something on YouTube and I’ll be “what? huh?”

It may sound like I’m bitching, but really I’m looking forward to it. I spent two weeks in Hawaii last year without my computer. It was the longest stretch I’ve had without access in ages and it really didn’t bother me too much.

If nothing else, will be able to catch up on a lot of reading.

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  1. You need to get the WP plugin that lets people subscribe to the comments from a particular thread — makes it much more likely people will see responses to their comments, and makes it possible to create a bit of “conversation” on a post. Also, you should make your blog able to remember people’s info when leaving comments. It’s a PITA to retype that every time.

  2. Oh yes. Its the core of what I’ll be doing.

    I’m planning on having net access no more than once per 2 weeks. If I get more, all the better.

    I’m sure it will vary depending on where I am.

  3. Or you’ll just have to get an off-line RSS reader and double your feeds, so you’ll have plenty of time to catch up between online sessions ;)

    I have a friend travelling around SE Asia in spots that are not what you would consider Westernized, but he seems to manage to find Internet connectivity almost everywhere he goes.

    Are you still planning to do the whole video travelog?

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