Candid Camera

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I’ve picked a camera. I’m going with the Nikon D200. I hope to purchase it later this week.

The choice really boiled down to one thing and one thing only. GPS integration.

I’m not that sophisticated in photography to know the ins and outs of various camera settings, so the performance wasn’t that big of an issue. That being said, I did read mostly positive reviews and have seen some excellent photos taken with the D200.

The ability to integrate GPS data directly into the photo metadata is very appealing to me. As far as I know, its the only major DSLR which currently has this ability. It also requires something of a hack to make it work. I’ve found a company that sells cables and shoes to support the GPS, but it still seems like a feature that Nikon just sort of threw in unsupported.

So, I get the GPS and the camera hooked up…then what? You can do some pretty cool stuff actually. The coolest thing is being able to navigate on Flickr or Google Earth via a custom KML file. Not to mention that with the GPS, you can get some pretty amazing precision on the photos, so you can literally see the spot it was taken.

I hope to have some of the first photos up in a few days.