Taking Care of Business

I think I’ll be in Hong Kong for a few more days. I have resolved myself to not leave here until I am caught up on my photo processing and have gotten ahead a few posts. My cold is for the most part gone. I have finished all my photos from South Korea and have gotten some of my Hong Kong photos done. They should be finished by the end of today.

I’ve been surprisingly busy the last few days even thought I haven’t really gotten too far from the slum Chungking Mansion. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the website, doing behind the scenes things. It is difficult and frustrating at times to try and keep serious website while traveling.

When I initially started this trip, I had intended to shoot a lot more video. The problem has been having to shoot on tape, then having to run an hour of tape for every hour you shoot, then having to slog through one giant file to get to the footage you want. Even getting Kris to help with editing hasn’t really solved the problem of having to send him tapes, and him having to go through the same process back in the US. In fact, the best footage I have taken was on Easter Island, and that tape is defective and somehow it can’t be read.

I think I may have the solution to my video problems. Sanyo has introduced a new line of video cameras which save everything to flash memory. No tape, no hard drive with moving parts. I could save almost an hour and a half of HD video on an 8gb card (which is one thing that is cheap in Asia). With this, I would solve most of the problems I’ve had with video editing. I could FTP files to the US and even do smaller things myself because the clips are all random access. The quality should be more than good enough for the web. The cost isn’t that bad either.

I really would like to do more video podcasting, and be able to do it on a regular basis. Any camera solution I use is going to have to be something which is easy to edit and turn around video. I think the Sanyo is the answer to my prayers. Too bad it wasn’t on the market last March.

For people who are new to the site, you can see my previous video attempts here (me getting a tattoo) and here (swimming with jellyfish in Palau).

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  1. Just wanted to say what a great blog!! Someone just linked me to it and I’ve enjoyed reading through it. I like to travel myself and admire what you’re doing! Best of luck with it all.

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