8 thoughts on “Jellyfish”

  1. Very cool video. I accidentally swam through a school of tiny stinging jellies in the Virgin Islands once. An other-worldly, totally worth-while experience, even with the discomfort… Thanks for sharing the video; I want to go there!!
    Really great website; you’re doing what I hope to do when my kids are “launched” someday…

  2. I watch this footage, and it is makes me feel so peaceful. It must have been mind-blowing to experience this first-hand.

  3. Yes, these particular jellyfish are in a symbiotic relationship, I meant that stingers in general are not always meant for protection. I work in a marine science lab, so we deal with phytoplankton everyday :)

  4. @Kevin:

    It seems that the jellyfish have a symbiotic relationship with algae that live in their cells, which means that they don’t need any external substinence beyond sunlight and nitrogen; pretty amazing.

  5. Not that I know of. You can see the bottom of the lake and it is constantly being replenished with water from the ocean. It goes up and down with the tides.

  6. Stingers can also help in capturing prey (not just for protection). Is it true that the lakes are high in ammonium, such that you aren’t allowed to dive below a certain depth?

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