Spotify’s Greatest Travel Songs

I’m a big fan of Spotify. It is one of the few streaming media apps that I can use from anywhere in the world.

They have also recently made it possible to embed playlists. I figured I should take advantage of this new feature to publish the list of travel songs I’ve collected on Spotify.

This is a living list. If you have suggestions for songs you think I should add, please let me know in the comments.

(Note: you have to have Spotify installed to listen directly from the browser)

18 thoughts on “Spotify’s Greatest Travel Songs”

  1. I bookmarked this post to come back to later when I was at my home computer with Spotify and now it’s saying this playlist is empty. Is there any way to get it back? I really wanted to take note of some of the songs you had listed!

  2. I love spotify too. Although my traveling has not been as extensive as yours, I have still used it in many different places. I would add “Born to Run” by Springsteen. I have many of yours on mine already. “America” by S&G is one of my favorites.

  3. I love this idea! Some that I would include: Running Down a Dream–Tom Petty; What a Wonderful World–Louis Armstrong; Sail Away–David Grey; Homesick–Kings of Convenience; Foreign Affair–Mike Oldfield; La Isla Bonita–Madonna; Fast Car–Tracy Chapman.

    Also, any tribute to global vagabonding needs something by Bob Marley and Manu Chao!

  4. John Denver, classic.

    Gotta put “One headlight” by The Wallflowers, “Don’t worry baby” by The Beach Boys, “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles, and “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (just to name a few off the top of my head)

    Thanks for the playlist!!!

  5. You show a distinct lack of the importance and beauty of travel by water, and the ability to just watch the sky now and then. Or maybe I’m just addicted. ;) So, I suggest 1) Son of a Son of Sailor (Jimmy Buffett) and 2) Southern Cross (either Crosby, Stills etc. or Jimmy Buffett)

  6. I would add…

    “Travelin’ Light” either the JJ Cale or Widespread Panic version
    “72 (This Highway’s Mean)” Drive By Truckers
    “San Francisco” Lucero
    “Luxury Liner” Emily Lou Harris
    “Passenger Side” Wilco
    “Airline to Heaven” Billy Bragg and Wilco
    “I’ve Been Everywhere” Johnny Cash version
    “Willin'” Little Feat
    “Return of the Grievous Angel” Graham Parsons
    “Tijuana Lady” Gomez
    “Hey World” Michael Franti and Spearhead

  7. Thanks for the playlist. Just started listening to it.. Its always nice to get new playlists, especially since I listened to my ultimate work playlist way too often.. hehe :)

  8. “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin is my ultimate travel song.

    I also hum to myself Sinatra’s “New York, New York” whenever I fly into New York.

    Same for visits to Miami, I always end up singing Will smiths “Miami”.

  9. My favs 4,5,11,14,17,18,20,21,27,29,38,39,40,41,46. Should add Back in the USSR, Amsterdam/Guster, Metro/Berlin, China/ Red Rocker, Great Southern Land/Icehouse, Cool Places/ Sparks, Call Me The Breeze/JJ Cale, Graceland/Paul Simon, I’m Free/ Soup Dragons, The Road and The Sky/Jackson Browne, Drivin’ on 9/Breeders, Banditos/Refreshments, Dreamline/Rush, I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For/U2, Doing THe Unstuck/ Cure, Whole Wide World/Wreckless Eric, Return Post/Bangles, The Way/Fastball, When My Ship Comes In, Jill Solebule, Everyday Is A Winding Road/ Sheryl Crow, Interstate Love Song/ STP, Over The Hills and Far Away/ Led Zeppelin, Corcovado/Stan Getz, Hell In A Bucket/ Grateful Dead, Can’t Get There From Here/ REM, Half A World Away/REM, Born To Run/ Frankie & Bruce versions, Magic Bus/ The Who, Low RIder/ War, Eurotrash Girl/ Cracker, Stickshifts and Safetybelts/CAKE, Rise/ Public Image Limited, 100 Games of Solitaire/ Concrete Blonde, Don’t Box Me In/ Stewart Copeland and Don’t Fence Me In/David Byrne. That’s just off the top of my head. : )

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