16 Incredible Photos of Yellowstone National Park

In the summer of 2009, I embarked on what became a 20,000-mile road trip across the western United States and Canada. A trip which eventually took me through 20 states and over a dozen national parks. One of the highlights of the trip was my visit to Yellowstone. I had been there previously on a geology field trip but spent less than a day in the park. My 2009 trip allowed me to spend a full four-days in the park exploring and taking photographs.

Yellowstone is one of the most special places on Earth and is my favorite National Park in the United States. It is with good reason it was the very first National Park in the world.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I did taking them!

10 thoughts on “16 Incredible Photos of Yellowstone National Park”

  1. I really appreciate your blog on Yellowstone, I live very far from America and the United States and one of my greatest dream is to travel the world and i would be so happy if i day i could visit Yellowstone. It such a beautiful place and when we do think what it is really, “The world biggest volcano” I am more glad to visit it. So on seeing these wondeful pictures of Yellowstone i am more impatient to visit. Thanks for this nice blog. =)

  2. Yellowstone has so much to offer. I agree with you, your trip has to be more than just a day or so. You won’t get through half of it if not. Yosemite National Park is another one of my favorite parks. Although it does not have as much to offer as Yellowstone its landscape is awesome. For all those who haven’t been or who want to go again. Different times of the year offer different aspects of the park, so do your research based on your taste.

  3. I just LOVE it there – very much a worthwhile visit. You’re inspiring me to dig out my old pics…

  4. Incredible pictures! I always imagined Yellowstone being a feast for the eyes but these photos only confirm it!

  5. Awesome photos and so appropriate for National Parks Week. I really want to visit Yellowstone. I just posted photos and a guide to Muir Woods. National parks inspire me to travel!

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