Raro Winding Down

My time in Rarotonga is winding down. I’m ready to move on. I did two more dives today (Monday) and will do one more tomorrow to finish my advanced certification.

Thanks to all the advice I’ve gotten from everyone about New Zealand. I think I have a base plan of attack for NZ. I’ll have to rent a car obviously. Lots of Kiwis here and many of them suggest renting a camper van. I guess its cheap and common to do. Not like getting an RV in the US.

I’m becoming pretty good at driving on the left. I saw a dog killed about an hour ago while I was on my scooter. It wasn’t pretty. Like Easter Island, they are all over the island running free. It was raining and I pulled over to put on my raincoat when car came past me and hit the dog. I heard it more than saw it. If I hadn’t pulled over, I might have hit the dog on my scooter or maybe the dog might have moved. Who knows.

I’ve been eating in more and more preparing my own means. Its cheaper and more efficient. There really isn’t much in the way of local food. They have an equivalent of Poisson Cru that I tried. They call it Ika Matu. Same thing, still pretty good.

In NZ I think I’ll keep with making my own food. They eat a lot of lamb/mutton there, so I might take adavantage of that and grill my own. It’s not something you eat that often in the US.

My internet access has been spotty and will be till I hit NZ. I’ll have photos of my Rarotonga stay then.