I Heart Rarotonga

Any guilt I had about leaving Tahiti earlier than I planned melted away the moment Rarotonga appeared in the window of the plane. Geology Like all Pacific islands, Rarotonga was created via vulcanism. You can think of islands on a continuum from the Big Island of Hawaii down to coral atolls. The Big Island is …

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Undar Zee Deep Blu Oshan

Yesterday I did two SCUBA dives. Unfortunately, I don’t have an underwater camera and I can’t take photos, which is a shame because its some of the most remarkable stuff I’ve seen so far. We dove off of a boat, which was the first time I’ve done that. I got to fall backwards off the …

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Raro Winding Down

My time in Rarotonga is winding down. I’m ready to move on. I did two more dives today (Monday) and will do one more tomorrow to finish my advanced certification. Thanks to all the advice I’ve gotten from everyone about New Zealand. I think I have a base plan of attack for NZ. I’ll have …

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Change of plans

I think I’m going to go to New Zealand next. I think that Fiji is turning out the be the real hub of the Pacific and most of the places I want to go to in the Pacific seem to fly in and out of Fiji. However, to get from Rarotonga to Fiji, I have …

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Buh Bye Cook Islands

I’m leaving Rarotonga in a few hours. I’ve enjoyed my time, but I’ve basically spent the last two weeks with overcast skies and rain. I leave here with a very sore right ass cheek (which I got from sitting in an inflatable dive boat going over rough seas), a cut on my right index finger …

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I’m All Wet

What is the wettest thing in the world? SCUBA diving in the rain. It has rained almost non-stop for 2 days and it doesn’t appear to want to let up. Today we went out in the boat and the rain hitting my face hurt when the boat was moving. My body was in water for …

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Just a quick update. I’m in the Cook Islands on the island of Rarotonga. Slight problem with hotel, but shouldn’t be an issue. The place looks lovely.