Project Pringles

Project Pringles is an attempt by travelers around the world to document every flavor of Pringles on the planet. It is probably the most ambitious undertaking ever attempted in the history of the human race, dwarfing the building of the pyramids and the Panama Canal.

It will take the entire species to accomplish this task. To build the ultimate Pringles library, we need your help. To submit a flavor, just take a photo of the Pringles can in question (one flavor at a time) and send it to Make sure to check if the flavor is in the database already.

Here is what we’ve found so far:

  1. Original (USA)
  2. Loaded Baked Potato (USA)
  3. Ranch (USA)
  4. Screamin’ Dill Pickle (USA)
  5. Pizza (USA)
  6. Blastin’ Buffalo Wing (USA)
  7. Smokin Hot Ranch (USA)
  8. Restaurant Cravers: Mozzarella and Marinara (USA)
  9. Restaurant Cravers: Mexican Layered Dip (USA)
  10. Jalapeno (USA)
  11. Cheddar Cheese (USA)
  12. Sour Cream & Onion (USA)
  13. BBQ (USA)
  14. Bacon Ranch (USA)
  15. Honey Mustard (USA)
  16. Restaurant Cravers: Onion Blossom (USA)
  17. Paprika (Netherlands) Submitted by Sophia who is an au pair in Holland
  18. Blueberry & Hazelnut (Thailand) Submitted by Roger Wade
  19. Multigrain: Original (Canada) Submitted by Jason Nugent
  20. Limon/Lime (Guatemala) Submitted by Matt Hope
  21. Milky Shoyu Butter (China) Submitted by Lars Rucker
  22. Seaweed (China) Submitted by Lars Rucker
  23. Crab (China) Submitted by Lars Rucker
  24. Spicy Guacamole (Japan) Submitted by Andrew Yuille
  25. Rice Infustion: Classic (Italy) Submitted by Giulia
  26. White Cheddar Pop (Australia) Submitted by Cornelius Aesop
  27. Soft-Shell Crab (Indonesia) Submitted by Ve We
  28. Smoky BBQ (Thailand) Submitted by Got Passport
  29. Grilled Shrimp (Malaysia) Submitted by Meg Yew Wong
  30. Thai Sweet Chili (Hong Kong) Submitted by Allison Wood
  31. Lemon Sesame (Thailand) Submitted by Roger Wade
  32. Extreme: Exploding Cheese and Chill (UK) Submitted by Bill Pittenger
  33. Cheese & Onion (UK) Submitted by Bill Pittenger
  34. Prawn Cocktail (UK) Submitted by Bill Pittenger
  35. Extreme: Smokin’ Ribs (UK) Submitted by Bill Pittenger
  36. Texas BBQ Sauce (UK) Submitted by Bill Pittenger
  37. Extreme: Blazin’ BBQ (Canada) Submitted by Marcello
  38. Beef Kebab (Japan) Submitted by Arianna Pezzato
  39. Kissa: Naporitan (Japan) Submitted by Arianna Pezzato
  40. Kissa: Guratin (Japan) Submitted by Arianna Pezzato

2 thoughts on “Project Pringles”

  1. I just saw a video about someone trying pringles and banana together and I was thinking how would that be as a chip flavor?

  2. Hey mate, you still doing this? I’m from the UK and I’ve got about 15 tubs of flavours that I don’t think you have already.


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