Project Pringles: Update #3

Japanese PringlesIt is time once again for the crispiest, most homogenous, artificially flavored update in the world: Project Pringles! If you are not familiar with the project, I’m attempting to document, with the help of other world travelers, every flavor of Pringles in the world. Pringles are, I believe, the most widespread snack food on Earth.

If you would like to participate it is very simple: just check the Project Pringles page to see if the flavor you’ve found has already been submitted. If it hasn’t, take a photo of the can and email it to me (Gary (at) If you are the first to submit a flavor, I’ll give you credit and if applicable, a link to your website.

I know there are many missing flavors from Japan, Korea, and China. If you are in those countries or plan to visit soon, keep an eye out at the convenience store.

Also, in other Pringles related news, fellow travel blogger Debbie Dubrow found that Pringles cans make for a cheap children’s toy when you are on a flight.

  1. White Cheddar Pop (Australia) Submitted by Cornelius Aesop
  2. Soft-Shell Crab (Indonesia) Submitted by Ve We
  3. Smoky BBQ (Thailand)
  4. Grilled Shrimp (Malaysia) Submitted by Meg Yew Wong
  5. Thai Sweet Chili (Hong Kong) Submitted by Allison Wood
  6. Lemon Sesame (Thailand) Submitted by Roger Wade
  7. Extreme: Exploding Cheese and Chill (UK)
  8. Cheese & Onion (UK) Submitted by Bill Pittenger
  9. Prawn Cocktail (UK) Submitted by Bill Pittenger
  10. Extreme: Smokin’ Ribs (UK) Submitted by Bill Pittenger
  11. Texas BBQ Sauce (UK) Submitted by Bill Pittenger
  12. Extreme: Blazin’ BBQ (Canada)
  13. Beef Kebab (Japan) Submitted by Arianna Pezzato
  14. Kissa: Naporitan (Japan) Submitted by Arianna Pezzato
  15. Kissa: Guratin (Japan) Submitted by Arianna Pezzato
  16. Double Cheese (Japan) Submitted by Arianna Pezzato