Port Vila Quickie

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I’m alive in Vanuatu. I’m working on my arrangements for this weekend. I’m hoping to spend two days on the island of Tanna.

Initial impressions:

  • Obviously much poorer than New Caledonia – around Tonga/Samoa levels of income it seems.
  • They have put much more effort into tourism than other countries I’ve seen in the Pacific.
  • French and English are both spoken. It is like Canada in that respect but more mixed. They speak a common language of Bislama, which I will write more about later. It’s fascinating.
  • I’m really excited to find some ‘hairs of Pele’ at the volcano. I’m a guy who spent 3 hours in the rain on this trip searching for reticulite in Hawaii.
  • I want to try and learn some Bislama.

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  1. I think it you talk in Black-and-White-Movie-Native-American-speak you would be understood. Been Wantum Bia = I have wanted beer! This would be an easy way to become bilingual.

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