God Save the Queen(stown)

A quick update before I hit the road and drive off to Invercargill (home of Burt Munro!!) and Dunedin.

A few weeks ago I had no idea I’d be in New Zealand right now. While I consider myself a pretty smart guy, I’m embarssed to say I had never heard of Milford Sound before I came here.

I can state flat out that Milford Sound was the highlight of my trip so far and may perhaps be the most amazing natural thing I’ve seen in my life.

Part of what made it amazing was the fact that it had been raining for a full day before I arrived, so all over the sound waterfalls were gushing down the sides of the valley. Waterfalls were everywhere, many of which were sizable. (the boat we were on pulled up to a few to get everyone wet)

I filled the flash memory card on my camera (4gb) and filled up half of my backup card. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos to put up right this moment. The wireless in my hostel died last night and I’m just doing a quickie update at a cafe in town before I leave.

Also, since Scott Kurtz posted this site on the front of PVP I’ve gotten a lot of new readers. If there are any Kiwis out there who’d like to get together for a beer as I drive through the next few days, drop me an email. I’ll basically be driving up the east coast of the south and north islands and plan to be in Auckland on either the 5th or 6th.


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  1. Gary!

    My fellow Lost Girls and I received your message on our website…am totally bummed that we’ve already missed you! The ladies an I are in Australia and return home towards the end of the month. Keep up the good work (and fun!) in NZ though…your writing is great and I love your blog!

    Amanda (and The Lost Girls)

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