Change of plans

I think I’m going to go to New Zealand next. I think that Fiji is turning out the be the real hub of the Pacific and most of the places I want to go to in the Pacific seem to fly in and out of Fiji. However, to get from Rarotonga to Fiji, I have …

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I Heart Rarotonga

Any guilt I had about leaving Tahiti earlier than I planned melted away the moment Rarotonga appeared in the window of the plane. Geology Like all Pacific islands, Rarotonga was created via vulcanism. You can think of islands on a continuum from the Big Island of Hawaii down to coral atolls. The Big Island is …

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Just a quick update. I’m in the Cook Islands on the island of Rarotonga. Slight problem with hotel, but shouldn’t be an issue. The place looks lovely.

Keep On Truckin

I spent most of today just doing logistical stuff: getting my ransom ticket refunded and getting my tickets to Rarotonga and beyond, moving to the hostel, and taking care of some stuff online. Yes, that took most of the day. I assumed that I would be leaving French Polynesia on Friday, but I found there …

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Wrap a Nui

I have about four hours till I get taken to the airport to wait three more hours for my flight to Papeete. Despite some early problems, I think this week has been a good start to my foreign adventures. I managed to get by in the most isolated place on Earth without knowing the language. …

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Life on Easter Island: The Most Isolated Human Settlement on Earth

Early inhabitants living on Easter Island left behind clues.

A Chilean territory with volcanoes, subtropical vegetation, and a surprising history, Easter Island is a fascinating place to explore. Tourism is the island’s largest source of income, and it largely sustains the livelihoods of those people living on Easter Island permanently—indigenous locals are called Rapa Nui.  Where is Easter Island located?  Latitude: S 27.14295Longitude: W …

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Life on Easter Island

After spending most of yesterday fretting about my money situation, I got that resolved and managed to go see a few of the maoi that were within walking distance. There is a lot I have to say about this place and I’m going to save most of it for video, but suffice it to say …

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