Photo Essay: Laurence Norah

Every so often I showcase the work of other travel photographers on my site. Today I’d like to introduce you to Laurence Norah. He has been traveling around the world since 2009 and blogging and photographing his travels since 2010. He is well known for his stunning landscape images which has garnered him a large …

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2012: A Year in Photography

2012 was a busy travel year for me. I visited all seven continents, 18 countries and flew over 150,000 miles. I was exhausted for much of the year, but on the upside, I came away with some amazing photos. I made some great strides as a photographer in 2012. I improved my mastery of Lightroom …

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2013: A Year in Photography

2013 was an epic year for me in terms of travel. I took 84 flights and set foot in 44 different countries and territories on 5 different continents. I visited 73 new world heritage sites and probably another 20 which I had visited previously. I didn’t even count the number of miles I traveled by …

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2014: A Year In Photography

2014 was another landmark year for me in terms of travel and photography. In February, I was named the Travel Photographer of the Year by the North American Travel Journalists Association. In April, I was named the Travel Photographer of the Year by the Central States Chapter of the Society of American Travel Writers. In …

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2015: A Year In Photography

2015 was a different year for me. In 2014, I made the decision to cut back on my travels. In the two previous years, I had set foot in over 40 countries each year. I was getting burned out. 2015 was the year I instituted that change. The year I only set foot in 13 …

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2016: A Year in Photography

A review of the photos taken during the travels of Gary Arndt during 2016. Locations include: India, Ethiopia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Alaska, Tuvalu, and Manitoba.

2017: A Year in Photography

2017 was an odd year for me. It was the least amount I have traveled since I started traveling full time in 2007. I “only” stepped foot in 14 countries this year. I did make the most of it as I visited 27 new UNESCO World Heritage Sites this year (plus 1 that was added …

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