My 10 Favorite Beaches in the World

Red Sand Beach on Maui, Hawaii

I love beaches—what’s not to love, after all? There’s sand (or rocks), blue skies, and the sound of lapping water. What’s not in the picture for me though, are overcrowded—those places with a Hard Rock Cafe across the street and heaving thongs of half-naked beachgoers piled onto the sand. Those beaches may be beautiful, but …

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11 Amazing & Least Visited North American National Parks

Torngat Mountains National Park in Labrador

The national parks of the United States and Canada are some of the greatest natural spaces in the world. The system of parks in North America rank as the some of the best preserved and most biodiverse locations possible, however, most of the attention is taken up by the superstar parks, like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand …

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My 10 Favorite Cuisines in the World

Chilis feature prominently in the best cuisines in the world

Any list of the best things in the world is going to be inherently subjective, whether that’s beaches, cities, museums, or more. But after traveling nearly nonstop from well over a decade, I’ve seen a lot and tasted even more! But perhaps what makes my list of the best cuisine in the world more interesting …

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