Bye Bye Bangkok

I'm looking forward to being able to walk down the street and not worry about what color shirt I'm wearing
I'm looking forward to being able to walk down the street and not worry about what color shirt I'm wearing.
My tickets have finally been booked, the ash cloud is favorable, and it appears I’ll be in Spain in about 24 hours.

I’ve spent almost three months in Bangkok which is more time than I’ve spent in any other city since I’ve started my travels. While I have been here I didn’t visit a single temple or tourist attraction. I did something totally different from what I’ve been doing the last three years: living as an expat.

Normally, because I travel alone, I meet people but never develop any sort of friendships. Usually, I don’t even get last names. In Bangkok, I was able to meet a large group of people and was actually able to experience something resembling a social life. Almost every night I could find something to do with a group of people somewhere in Bangkok. I probably drank more in the last three months than I did in the last three years combined.

Just some of the people I met in Bangkok include Jodi Ettenberg, Greg Jorgensen, Cody McKibben, Sean Ogle, Kevin Revolinski, John Berns, Sarah Lipman, and Richard Escobar. I’m going to miss many of the people I met in Bangkok and hope to meet them again.

I enjoyed the hell out of Songkran
I enjoyed the hell out of Songkran
It was also an exciting time to be in Bangkok. I was able to experience Songkran (which I highly recommend) and was witness to the start of the redshirt protests.

I’m going to miss the street food in Bangkok, the great movie theaters in Bangkok. The street bars (yes, they have wagons that sell alcohol!), the warm weather, and all the craziness which is this city.

That being said, I’m ready to get moving again. Three months I think is my limit for staying put in any one place. I really haven’t been doing much traveling, which is sort of the kiss of death if you are running a travel blog. Living in Bangkok might sound exotic if you don’t live here, but I’d like something more to write about than just one city.

I’m looking forward to visiting Spain. It is one of the great, historic countries of Europe and I’ve never been there before. It is all very exciting.

I’ll be in Spain until about mid-June with a side trip to Israel from May 10-18th. Then I head to New York City for TBEX. If you are in Spain, Israel or New York and would like to meet up, feel free to contact me.

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  1. This is really something unique – three month without any sightseeing being a traveler, but it is good as long as you are having fun.

  2. I had lovely time in Bangkok, but it was not as friendly as other parts of Thailand that I got to visit. We have hired the car and drove all around. It was amazing experience. Apart from maybe Thai New Year when lots of people were chucking water at the window screen sometimes on the blind corners! :-) Overall it was very welcoming and we didn’t see many tourists along the way, surprisingly.
    Being stuck at Bangkok airport was a different experience all together though….

  3. Gary: Safe travels and you will be missed. Not a lot, but we will miss you a little I suppose. ;-)

    Jodi: Your short. Here’s 100 baht, go get me some satay…

  4. I never be in bangkok before. Actually i have a plan to visit bangkok this May. But hold it 1st due RED SHIRT issue. Stay save…

  5. How cool, that you got to slow down and enjoy Bangkok as an expat rather than a tourist, and meet some great people along the way. I bet you will start off your next series of trips feeling more refreshed. I’m envious — I’ve never been to Spain either, but have always been dying to. Have a blast, and I’ll see you in NYC for the TBEX!

  6. It seems to me that you have made lots of friends, but not realized it. I have been to Bangkok to find the body of someone who has died in a plane crash near Bangkok. I have experienced that Thais are very caring. They try everything to make you feel good, even in the worst time of your life.
    I got a limo and a driver, asking him to bring me to a temple, where there is not so much tourism. He brought me to a temple, where I was all on my own. The courtyard was empty, the temple was empty. – Still, I could feel that there are people. I guess, they were instructed to leave the temple area to me. While I was in the temple – on my knees – this was the greatest experience I made until today. There was nothing and it was so full of so much which has no name.

  7. Haha, Gary it was really fantastic to get to know you and had lots of fun. I think we’ll all miss you, and there will be a nice group of friends to welcome you next time you come through BKK! Cheers buddy! Safe travels…

  8. It was wonderful to meet you Gary, and I hope we run into each other on the road again in the not so distant future!

  9. I’m going to miss you too – who else will throw money at me to get them some street food, or make fun of how short I am? Have a terrific time in Spain and looking forward to meeting up again at TBEX in NY. Safe travels!

    • As for the first, no one. As for the second, everyone.

      For the record, I think being Canadian is a greater disability than being short…

      See you in New York!

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