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You must learn the ways of street food Grasshopper
You must learn the ways of street food Grasshopper
I don’t get a chance to write about everything I do and experience on the website. In fact, the vast vast majority of things never get written about. A lot of the small things I put up on Twitter, and/or Facebook. If you haven’t already, you can follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook. (oh, you can become a fan on Facebook too) The Twitter updates are usually more interesting than the blog posts :)

Anyway, if you had been following me on Twitter, you would have read about yet another bout of food poisoning I had yesterday. I decided to be adventurous and ordered a bag of fried grasshoppers from a street vendor. Fast forward about 12 hours later and I’m vomiting and have the runs all day long. This is the second time I’ve consumed insects on my trip, and both times I ended up vomiting soon after.

Now, I know what you are thinking “Gee dumb ass. No kidding you’re going to get sick if you eat insects.” The thing is, neither time do I think it was the insects per se that made me sick. In LA I had just finished a 48 hour Amtrak ride from hell and was sort of sick before I ate anything. In Bangkok, the insect vendor was the only street vendor I’ve seen who didn’t cook the food in front of me. I have no idea how long they may have been sitting there.

I’m close to being back at 100%. It has extended my stay in Bangkok by a few days, but I have to get moving soon because my visa expires on the 30th. I did finally get to watch some sepak takraw, which is the most amazing, crazy sport I’ve ever seen. (think badminton meets hackey sack.)

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  1. haven't tried grasshopper yet… but i guess it would be fine when freshly cooked…. fried silkworms tasted like fried shrimps my next goal would be the cicadas… all charged to adventure. =)

  2. Interesting, I ate from a few street vendors in the Middle East in the past year during my travels, but I never got sick.

    I have also drank the water from Egypt to Turkey and no problems.

    In Egypt I did end up with some loose stools, but not a sickness.

    I added your link on my travel blog.

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