The Train Never Ends

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Last night I had dinner with my friend Mike Bietz out here in LA. We went to a restaurant that served insects and we had worms and scorpion on shrimp toast. Honestly, if I hadn’t known that they were insects, I never would have guessed.

Before I started to eat however, I really hit a wall. I got tried and started to feel sick. I think whatever I might have caught on the train was hitting me. On the way back to my motel, I threw up three times on Santa Monica Blvd. I had to pull over, open the door and puke.

On the way home I stop at a 7-11 and get some orange juice to see if I could keep that down. Nope.

So its now 5:50 local time and I think i’m going to go and buy some Gatorade and come back and sleep. I think I’m deyhdrated. I puked up most of the fluids I had yesterday.

I’d like to point out the irony that on a trip around the world, the first place I get sick is in the US. My immune system is usually pretty tough, but it wasn’t tough enough to stop the sickness that is Amtrak.

4 thoughts on “The Train Never Ends”

  1. Well, you know what they say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Every time I get sick I just think “Hey, my body will be ready for this thing anytime it comes around again.”

    It’s pretty much the only up-side to being sick. You probably won’t get that same thing again for a while.

  2. Considering that it started before i started eating, yes. I also had the same issues with orange juice.

  3. So, it’s preposterous to think that eating a bunch of insects had nothing to do with your GI issues?

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