Back in the Saddle Again: Fiji Edition

The life of a travel blogger isn't all fun and games...oh, wait, yes it is
The life of a travel blogger isn't all fun and games...oh, wait, yes it is
As I write this, I am laying on a hammock with my laptop on my chest about 10m (30ft) from the shore of the Pacific Ocean on the island of Naviti in Fiji. While I’m enjoying the weather here much more than the freezing temperatures I left behind in Wisconsin, the purpose of this post is not to rub it in to those back home (although I desperately do want to do that too).

Prior to departing Los Angeles for Fiji last Sunday (and completely deleting January 11 from my life as I crossed the International Date line) I’d had been in the United States for the previous five month. While I had spent the majority of that time traveling, it wasn’t traveling in the same sense as I am traveling now or I had been traveling the previous 2.5 years. The only thing I had to deal with traveling in the US were gas prices and motel rooms. I didn’t have issues of language, culture or extreme distances to deal with. I was on the road, but it was fundamentally different.

One of the many reasons why I travel
One of the many reasons why I travel
Getting off the 747-400 in Nadi, Fiji I was instantly hit with the smells of traveling in the Pacific I became accustom to, primarily the smell of burning garbage (yes, that is the smell of most of the Pacific). This time I’m entering Fiji as the seasoned traveler. The annoying guy who has an anecdote from a dozen other countries and who can top your travel story with at least five of his own. I’m not the guy who was going to travel around the world, I’m now the guy who did.

The skills you develop traveling are sort of like riding a bike I suppose. One you learn them, you never really forget them. Once I hit the ground I went into travel mode; that state of mind which combines a relaxed attitude and heightened awareness of your surroundings. All the little things I learned from my previous travels (e.g.: your best bet in the Pacific for using an ATM will be the machines from ANZ) kicked in like Jason Bourne coming out of a coma.

I’m excited and glad to be back on the road again. It feels like home. The fact that is it 100F degrees warmer (about 50C) doesn’t hurt either.

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  1. Great Site, only too willing to give my vote to you (TKA), hope you get the twenty bucks too. I can’t believe you didn’t visit Ireland though…Ok so you’re in Fiji in the warm and I am in Ireland in the foggy cold…no contest really. I am heading for the sunnier Spanish climate next year for my retirement, if only I can get this MMO thing licked.
    Good luck and safe traveling to you.

  2. I agree: when I returned to Canada for a visit, despite the fact that I was still actively traveling (including to New York and even Mexico – for an all-inclusive wedding package that is – no not mine), it didn’t feel quite the same. It just felt…like home! Abroad, I am much more cognizant of my surroundings, and my security, as well as the subtle (and not so subtle) clues to the local culture and way of life.
    Enjoy your travels!

  3. what a great place to re-start!
    yup, there´s a point when it becomes second nature – that´s what constant traveling does to you!
    looking forward to reading more about your journeys! :)

  4. yup, there´s a point when it´s just second nature – to take action and precautions instantly, you don´t even notice… that´s what constant traveling does to you. ;)
    looking forward to reading more about your journeys!

  5. Ah, the smell of roasting garbage has never seemed so entrancing…Glad you’re back where you belong: out there.

  6. I’ve never been to Fiji before. Tor me, Fiji is quite remote from us and since it’s not far away from Papua New Guinea, safety there is my biggest concern. Hope I’m wrong… :)

  7. Love it traveling isn’t easy but someone has to do it. Looking forward to reading abouut this part if the adventure.

  8. Awesome pic here. I remember that distinct smell and gorgeous views from my travels in Fiji in 2002. Enjoy “Fiji Time”!

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