I Am Outta Here!

Conditions at the airport
This is where I am.... Taken with my iPhone
Some are calling this the worst winter in 25 years. The entire island of Great Britain is covered with snow. In Florida, the entire orange crop is threatened by freezing weather. Flights in Tampa, (TAMPA!) were delayed because of ice. This morning when I woke up there was another two inches of snow and as I sit here at the Green Bay airport writing this, I can’t see across the runway because of the blowing snow.

I couldn’t have picked a better time to leave.

I’ve been with my family for almost a month and a half which is the longest I’ve stayed in one spot in almost three years. I’m ready to get moving again and more importantly, I’m ready to get the hell away from the cold weather.

I’ll be arriving in Los Angeles sometime tonight depending on if flights are delayed. I’ll be in LA until Sunday night when I catch my flight to Fiji. I’ll land on Tuesday, so Monday, January 11, 2010, will be a day I will never experience.

If you are in the Los Angeles area this weekend and would like to meet up for drinks just drop me a line.

...this is where I'm heading
...this is where I'm heading

14 thoughts on “I Am Outta Here!”

  1. good idea! Fiji should be the perfect antidote! here in RIo we are frying in 40 celsius weather, but I love it! ;)

  2. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Fiji, please update with your experiences frequently and hopefully provides some travel tips etc..!

  3. Not sure why but in Ontario we have a relatively mild winter this year. Last year there was a lot of snow. Maybe the States got the winter we supposed to have. I don’t mind:) Enjoy your travelling. Happy New Year from Canada!

  4. good luck! new guy to your blog here, i’ll be around checking out your stuff. hopefully i’ll make some good contributions!

  5. Yes I agree. This is the worst winter in 25 years. New York, London and Beijing are now covered with thick snow and are still snowing. How lucky were you that your flight wasn’t been canceled or delayed…
    Happy holidays with Matt!

  6. Lucky dog! This is the time I don’t want to be in the USA. Too damn cold. I’ll take a tropical clime over snow ANY day.


  7. Have a fantastic time!!! :-) I went to Fiji three years ago and have been longing to go back ever since. :-) Two of my fave travel folks in one spot – how fun! :-)

  8. Yep, just as bad here in Madison, WI. Fiji is the just the cure for these long, cold Wisconsin winters. Have a great one!

  9. So jealous! I am looking out the window at falling snow in Atlanta right now and can’t help but let my mind wander to white sand beaches and blue waters. Lucky! Have a great time. And, safe travels!

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