This Week In Travel – Episode 63

This week’s guest is Paul Lasley from Subscribe on Apple Podcasts This Week’s News: More on TSA travel Adam Savage gets 2, 12 inch razor blades past security Traveling with Food or Gifts Plane makes emergency landing after passenger bursts out of toilet naked Frequent Flyer Program Discussion Picks of the week: Gary …

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Traveler Sunday: The Lost Girls

This website has been close to 100% Gary-centric since I started it. I don’t accept many guest posters and I don’t write about things which don’t pertain to what I’m doing or places I have been. I take all the photography and I write almost all the articles. Hell, I don’t even run advertisements. Surprisingly …

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Return to Thailand!

I’m back in Thailand! Honestly, I wasn’t even sure I’d be leaving the country when I took off for Niagara Falls/Seattle/Hawaii. I had entered a competition for bloggers to visit Thailand for medical tourism and I sort of forgot about it. Just before I arrived in Hawaii I was notified that I was one of …

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8 Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Hana Coast Island in Hawaii

Hawaii is a U.S state that conjures up so many different images for people. It’s a vacation destination filled with luaus, leis, and beaches. It’s a fascinating set of islands with active volcanoes, unparalleled biodiversity, lush tropical rainforests, and eight national parks. During my many years of traveling the world, Hawaii a place I’ve always …

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This Week In Travel – Episode 61

This week’s guest are Jodi Ettenberg of and Jessica Spiegel of Subscribe on Apple Podcasts

Aloha From Hawaii Via Internet

I’ve finally arrived in Hawaii for my long-awaited work vacation. I have holed up in a hostel a block from Waikiki Beach where I plan on getting face cancer from my laptop over the next 10 days. It has been over three years since I was last in Hawaii. My previous trip was the interregnum …

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My 11 Most Memorable Hotel Stays

I don’t usually write about hotels on this site, because I don’t want to get into the business of doing hotel reviews. I have been prodded by many people to at least give a list of my favorite places I’ve stayed in the last 4 years, so I figure I’d give it a go. I …

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