My Evolution As A Photographer

A few days ago was the second anniversary of my first daily photo. Since then, I’ve put a photo on my website for over 730 consecutive days. It was originally just a way for me to put something up every day without having to write something. I was just being lazy. Somewhere along the way, …

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This Week in Travel – Episode 16

This week’s guest is Debbie Dubrow from Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Topics Discussed this week: Passenger creates big debate at American – I mean big! Man Misses Funeral After Southwest Kicks Him Off Passports With Purpose True or False: Great Photography Sells Hotel Rooms Picks of the Week: Jen: Hotels reviews Debbie: …

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Princess Cruise Recap

I’ve been off the ship now for almost two weeks, and that has given me plenty of time to reflect about the experience I had on the Crown Princess. This was my first ever experience on a cruise, so that is where I am coming from. Also, it was a media trip sponsored by Princess …

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This Week in Travel – Episode 15

Subscribe on Apple Podcasts This Week’s Guests:Nancy D. Brown, Johnny Jet, Rich Whitaker, Brett Rounsaville A special episode recorded aboard the Crown Princess on the first Twitter Cruise. Topics discussed include the ethics of press trips, cruising, the environmental impact of cruise ships and the controversy the cruise sparked on Twitter.