Margaret River Runs Deep

I’m sitting in a bar in Margaret River, Western Australia enjoying the only free wifi I’ve found in Australia outside of the Cairns International Terminal. That is not an exaggeration in the slightest. This is the only place in the entire country. I’ve come to Margaret River with a single objective, which I haven’t achieved …

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7 Wonders of America

The White Pass and Yukon Railway - Skagway, Alaska

When the New Seven Wonders of the World came out, I added my two cents—it wasn’t always favorable, because there’s a lot that doesn’t make much sense in how that global contest panned out. Buy that list inspired me to look the countries—including the USA—that I visit with an eye toward the natural, manmade, and …

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Episode 2 – The Tropic of Capricorn

As I was driving through the outback of Australia, I drove past this sign. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass, so I pulled over the van and did an impromptu podcast. If you ever wondered why the tropics are the tropics, now you’ll know. [display_podcast]

Reflections on Papua New Guinea

This isn’t going to be one coherent article. There are too many things to say and I have too many observations to try and make it one flowing story. Instead, I’m just going to try and break everything up in small chunks of thoughts. I don’t have a lot of photos from PNG either, because …

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Feeling like 953,988 bucks*

My cold is over. My stomach ache is gone, I got a haircut and I feel a lot better. Tomorrow I’m leaving Perth and taking a bus/train combo down to the town of Margaret River. Margaret River is about as far South West as you can possibly get in Australia. In Margaret River, I will …

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Episode 1 – Sydney Opera House

It has only taken months and months, but present you Podcast Episode One. [display_podcast] My plan is to release one per week on Thursday. I’ll release the iTunes link as soon as it is available.

Kakadu National Park

In the United States, there are three parks which are considered to be the crown jewels in the National Parks system: Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. If you had to make a similar list for Australia, I don’t know what two of the parks would be, one one of them would have to be …

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5,445 Kilometers

That’s 3,383 miles to those of you in the U.S. of A. Since I left Darwin, I’ve been to three World Heritage Sites, seen all manner of Australian road-kill, been next to wild crocodiles, whale sharks, humpback whales, venomous sea snakes. and have gained a very deep appreciation for just how big and empty Western …

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I’ve arrived in Geralton, which is about four hours north of Perth. Prior to arriving here, the landscape changed. Trees appeared where there were only bushes before. Farms, power lines, fences and other things you see in rural areas appeared out of the nothingness. Today I’ll stop in the Pinnacle Desert before arriving in Perth. …

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