I’ve arrived in Geralton, which is about four hours north of Perth. Prior to arriving here, the landscape changed. Trees appeared where there were only bushes before. Farms, power lines, fences and other things you see in rural areas appeared out of the nothingness.

Today I’ll stop in the Pinnacle Desert before arriving in Perth. I have a few days left on my rental, so I’ll probably drive south of Perth to explore the SW coast before I have to turn in it. I don’t know how much time I’ll spend in Perth as it is getting colder and I should probably get a move on and get out of Australia.

I shot a podcast episode at the stromatolite pools in Shark Bay which was fun. The first episode is done and will be up as soon as I can set up the iTunes stuff. I also shot a quick one as a crossed over the Tropic of Capricorn. I’m getting better at it. The first ones will probably be the worst of the bunch, but that is to be expected.

4 thoughts on “Civilization!”

  1. @Nate I’ve done everything myself with my tripod. No other human has touched my video camera so far.

    @kevin I did it for a bit. The problem was with the size of my tripod and the angle of the camera. I haven’t looked at the footage yet. I tried to shoot myself from the passanger seat, but the light in the cab wasn’t good enough.

  2. You could consider strapping the video camera and tripod into the passenger seat (with seat belt) and shooting a minute or so of the scenery of your drive. Might be interesting, or incredibly boring.

  3. Gary, Maybe you would like to hook up with the notorious guy who is auctioning off his whole Life in Perth, since you’ll be in the neighborhood. (house, cars, stuff, job, friends,etc).

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