Sunday Traveler – Chris Guillebeau

Posted: January 16, 2011    Categories: Traveler Sunday

This week’s traveler is Chris Guillebeau. There are very few people I know of who have been to more countries than me, but Chis is one of them. He has created as his mission to visit all 192 member states of the UN by the age of 35. So far, he’s been to about 150. Much of his travel is done through extensive use of frequent flyer miles and around the world tickets, an area in which he has become an expert. (Believe it or not, since I began traveling in 2007 I have never purchased an around the world ticket or cashed in any frequent flyer miles)

Chris is also a published author and his book The Art of Non-Conformity was released last fall. I recieved a review copy of the book which I ended up carrying with me to five countries (South Africa, Canada, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao). In addition to discussing travel and how to make the most of frequent flyer miles, he also discusses entrepreneurship and making the most out of your life. The book itself is a pretty easy read. I managed to finish it in a little over an hour while flying to South Africa.

Chris’s writing, both on his blog and his book, are aimed at people who looking for some motivation to change their lives. As someone who has started several businesses and as been traveling around the world for several years, I have often had a hard time understanding what Chris was aiming at on his blog. Reading the book clarified things for me: most people aren’t like me. They have dreams and goals but need some help achieving them. Helping people do that is a worthwhile pursuit.

I had the pleasure to briefly meet Chris in Bangkok in 2010 during a meet up for his readers and my impression of him was the same as everyone else I know who has met him: he is a genuinely nice guy. I can recommend checking out his blog as well as his book.

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