Sometimes you just get rucky

Posted: October 27, 2007    Categories: Asia, Japan

When you travel by the seat of your pants and make things up as you go along, sometimes you strike out and sometimes you hit it big. Yesterday, I hit it big. Totally by accident.

I reserved a hotel room online in Kagoshima. The cheapest one available was in Kirishima, which I assumed was a suburb of Kagoshima. Well, it isn`t quite a suburb. It turns out it is a small village in Kirishima National Park with hot springs everywhere. The place I reserved just happened to have some sort of Fall special, so I got to stay in a nice hot spring spa resort for not much money.

I have a ton of photos to upload still, but I`m not having luck getting internet access. I`m at the Kagoshima airport right now at a pay-per-minute terminal on a bus layover watching the end of the World Series Game 3. I also got to watch the Dragons vs. Fighters last night in the Japan Series.

Hopefully, I`ll have a real internet connection later today.